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Lost Access

            The places listed below are some of the most scenic and interesting attractions in Natural Bridge State Park.  Not many years ago, so long as they did not harm plants or animals, start fires, or do graffiti, Park visitors could freely access and enjoy these places.  Now, they are off limits, and visiting them - or getting off trail anywhere in the Park - can result in fines up to $1,000.00, plus possible criminal prosecution (follow the links at the bottom of this page to learn more about these unjustified restrictions)

            As each decade goes by, more and more access rights to our public lands are taken away by such actions as closing roads or caves, restricting where people can hike or ride or paddle their canoes, or simply refusing to cut bushes and trees which have grown to block viewing areas.  This taking of our rights is almost always done without the consent or approval of "we the People"  and is always done using our tax dollars.


Battleship Rock (located between the Lodge and Natural Bridge)

Indian Head Rock and Arch (located on a ridge near the mail Park entrance)

Balanced Rock (as it was originally called, is located on the edge of a cliff a few hundred yards from Natural Bridge)

Balanced Rock (once known as the Sphinx, it is located on Trail 2, not far from Natural Bridge Cave)

Pocket Wall (a sport climbing area located in the newest part of the Park)

Mill Creek Cave (located near Mill Creek lake, overlooking Middle Fork campground)


            There are obviously many more scenic and unusual places to see in Natural Bridge State Park than are listed here.  Back when visitors could legally access these places, rappelling and rock climbing were also allowed in the Park.  Visiting these places and adventuring in the Park did not pose any great threat to life or limb, and added a joy and romance to the place which cannot be experienced there now.

Restricting access to these beautiful places is absolutely not justified and absolutely not necessary!

The following links provide information about access restrictions and penalties at Kentucky's State Parks and Nature Preserves:

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